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Finding a Way to Improve Scientific Communication to Help Solve Climate Change

The problems with scientific communication and how it can limit our ability to find solutions to essential problems.

By Ryan M. Connor

Zoology (BSc)

Studying at Colorado State University

The Research Articles and what they showed:

Why must scientific communication be improved?

How can we learn from the media to improve communication?

Wildebeest Migration, a change in their migration would not be representative of other species’ migrations

So, what must the solution include?

SDG Goal 13: Climate action

The solution

Finding an Alternative Solution

Brian Armstong, the CEO of Coinbase, a multibillion-dollar digital currency exchange company, suggested in a blog post ways to improving scientific research.
The rough diagram of the layout of the solution.

Benefits of the Proposed Solution

Potential Problems with the Proposed Solution

Finalizing the Solution and initiating its employment:

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Ryan Martin Connor, Studying Zoology (BSc) at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.